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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Department receive funding?

Harris County imposes a .10 cent per $100 property tax that goes directly to the Department. As an example, property with an assessed value of $100,000.00 pays $100.00 a year for fire protection.

What is the ISO rating?

The Insurance Services Offices evaluates fire departments and assigns a property classification rating of 1-10 to the Department. Insurance companies use this rating as a gauge for fire insurance premiums. The lower the PPC rating, the lower the premiums.

Little Yorks Current ISO Rating is 5, we are currently working on ways to lower the number

What are Knox boxes or Knox locks?

These are specially-made devices to assist fire departments with access to gated subdivisions, communities and housing projects and also certain commercial properties. The Knox boxes are attached to easily accessible areas and would contain keys, phone numbers, etc. for the fire department to allow personnel to gain access to rooms or buildings without causing damage. The Knox locks are heavy duty locks that can be used to lock access or remote gate switch boxes.
Only emergency personnel are allowed to carry keys for these devices. The program is administered by the Harris County Fire Marshals Office. For more information, visit the Knox website or contact the Harris County Fire Marshals Office at (281)436-8000.

Does the Department charge any fees for services?

No, the Department only receives tax money and voluntary donations.

I called for an ambulance. Why did a fire truck show up?

Fire stations are strategically located throughout the response area. In most cases, the ambulance service has a much larger service area as well as a higher call volume. Fire engines respond when the ambulance has a long time until arrival, it is a serious call or for some other reason that alerts the dispatchers.
Fire department personnel are trained in medical procedures and carry basic supplies so they can start medical treatment before the ambulance arrives.

How come so many fire trucks show up?

Firefighters perform extremely labor intensive functions while wearing approximately 75 pounds of protective gear. The air tanks they carry provide 30 minutes worth of air. More personnel respond to allow the rotation in and out of a fire. This is safer as it allows firefighters to rest for several minutes until they are ready to return to the fire.
Recent studies have indicated it takes around 20-25 firefighters to put out a structure fire. With the heat of Houston, even more are needed.

Why are there different Fire Departments at a fire?

This is called mutual aid. Most departments in the area call for mutual aid for added manpower, especially to large fires.

I saw a fire truck go through a red light or stop sign but then turned off the lights and siren. Why?

When this happens, the fire truck was disregarded from the call as it was in or approaching the intersection. However, since traffic has already stopped, it is much safer to continue through rather than turn everything off right then and there.

Why do firefighters cut a hole in the roof at fires?

When a house is on fire, the heat, smoke and gases are trapped inside. This is very dangerous for the firefighters trying to go inside and put the fire out. A crew goes to the roof above the fire and cuts a hole. This does two things: first, it clears a lot of the smoke and heat and allows the crews to find the fire quickly. Second, it gives the fire a path out of the structure. This keeps the fire from spreading throughout the rest of the house.
It may not seem like it, but it is much easier and cheaper to fix the hole in the roof rather than tear out and replace burned wood.

Does the Department offer C.P.R. classes?

Yes, LYFD offers both CPR and First aid courses. You can go to the contact tabs and request a CPR course. Our Deputy Chief of EMS will contact you to set up a time, date and location.

Which smoke detector should I buy?

There are three types of detectors; photoelectric ("sees" smoke), ionization ("sees" fire) and dual sensor ("sees" both). For regular household use, dual sensor detectors are the best option.
Whichever detector you buy, make sure the unit is UL-listed and that you follow the manufacturers instructions.

Where should I place my smoke detector?

Current standards state to place a detector on every level of the building. It is also very advisable to place a detector near the kitchen and near every bedroom.
Fire Department personnel can help install battery-powered detectors in your home. Contact (281) 448-0391 for more information. Detectors that are hard-wired should be installed by a qualified electrician.

Is a carbon monoxide detector the same as a smoke detector?

No. Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors do just that: detect CO. They should not be used in place of smoke detectors. There are several types and models available but again, be sure the unit is UL-listed and that the manufacturers instructions are followed.

How often should I change the batteries on my detectors?

A good rule of thumb is to change the batteries at the time change that occurs twice a year. However, refer to your units instructions for more information.

Can you check my blood pressure?

You can stop by one of our stations between the hours of 7:00 am and 5:00 pm. However, due to the current call volume, we cannot always be there when you are. We do not take appointments for blood pressure checks.
If you are concerned about your blood pressure, it would be much better to seek a physicians advice. Although our personnel are quite capable of reading your blood pressure, doctors are better equipped to detect small anomalies that may alter your blood pressure through a process called "trending".

Does the Department install child seats in cars?

No, the Department does not have certified technicians for this. However you can contact Cypress Creek EMS who will gladly set up a appointment to have your car seat inspected and installed. Visit their website at www.ccems.com

I have old paint and other chemicals in my house. Can I take these to the fire station?

No, the Department does not have the facilities to properly dispose of these. The Clean Water, Clear Choice website has information for collection sites both in the City of Houston and Harris County.
We recommend you take your old chemicals to one of these sites. Fines and other punishments for illegally disposing of theses items are becoming more severe because of topsoil and groundwater contamination. It's also the right thing to do.

Can the Department fill my swimming pool?

No. Unless there is a fire, we pay for water use just like everybody else. Contact your local Municipal Utility District for further assistance.

There is a fire hydrant leaking in my neighborhood. What should I do?

Contact your local Municipal Utility District. They are responsible for fire hydrant maintenance.

I locked my keys in my car. Will the Fire Dept. come unlock it?

No, the fire dept only handles life threatening emergencies in these regards, unless there is a child locked inside of the car we will not come out to unlock your vehicle.

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